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Welcome To My Insanity Workout Review

Hey guys,

Welcome to my site and thanks for checking this out. In this site I will give an honest and useful Insanity Workout Review.

If you are here at my site now then that means we are all like minded about doing our research on a product before we invest our hard earned cash in it.

Just because there is some overpriced and flashy advertisement or fitness “guru” selling the next miracle pill does not make their statements any more the truth. We have all been duped at one time or another into spending our money on a product that fails to produce.

The only thing that is produced from those products is your wallet getting thinner and you not seeing any results.

My goal with this site is to give you all of the information that you will need in order to make an educated decision when purchasing Insanity. I will discuss the pros and the cons of the product, any tips, and my over all opinion.

My Insanity Workout Review

I am just a normal guy who was tired of being overweight. I made the commitment and purchased Insanity and I gave it 100% effort.

You will not find a pushy salesmen approach here just an open and honest review. I followed the Insanity Program and I lost 36 lbs,  but before I get into my story, here’s a quick video preview of the workout system by Beach Body:

Pretty crazy, right?  Guess that’s why they, very appropriately, named it INSANITY ;-)

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I am always skeptical about these mega companies making empty promises about a product or dumping millions into flashy advertisement that anyone would believe.

Let’s start with a little back ground about the creators Beach Body and Shaun T.

Beach Body

Insanity Beachbody

Beach Body LLC. is a massive multinational company that produces quality exercise regimens, nutrition plans, and workout equipment. They produced $430 million in total revenue in 2010.

The company has put together some of the most effective and sought after exercise programs in the world. Insanity is no different.

Beach Body has invested millions of dollars into the research and advertising of Insanity.

Shaun T.

Insanity Shaun T.

The company did an amazing job by coupling with Shaun T. to promote this program. Shaun was raised New Jersey. While growing up, he was a natural athlete and he played football, baseball and ran track.  After high school he attended Rowan University where he was working on his BS in Sports Science.

Shaun is an inspiration to all of us. When he was in his first year of college he gained 50 lbs. He realized that was not how he wanted to live and he made a personal commitment to change, so, he changed his degree of interest to fitness.

He has more than enough experience to qualify as an expert. Some of his highlights were that he was a dancer for Mariah Carey, managed a pharmaceutical company, and he was an aerobics instructor.

The Pros

This is such a good product that I could never put all of the pros onto this page. I will, however, talk about the main ones that stood out to me immediately.

First, Insanity comes with a lot of bang for the buck. It contains 10 DVD’s of intense exercises routines, Free Online Support Tools, Elite Nutrition Plan, and an Insanity Calendar and Fitness Guide.

Here is a breakdown of everything I received:

Dig Deeper & Fit Test: I recommend that everyone start their insanity journey here. You need to first gauge your current level of fitness before you get started. (30 minutes)

Pure Cardio & Abs:  A very intense cardio workout. (40 minutes)

Cardio Abs: If you want to see your abs then this is a must do exercise. (20 minutes)

Core Cardio & Balance: Beachbody loosely calls this a break at the end of the week to give your body time to rest before the next week’s training. (40 minutes)

Max Interval Circuit: An insane cardio circuit style training regimen. (60 minutes

Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs: Mix your MAX cardio training with core exercises to blast away fat. (50 minutes)

Plyometric Cardio Circuit: I was breathing hard and dripping sweat with this DVD.(40 minutes)

Max Interval Plyo:Your legs will be begging you to stop from all of the jumping. (55 minutes)

Cardio Power & Resistance: Use your body as weight to build up strength. (40 minutes)

Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery: Recovery is the most commonly overlooked part of exercise. Shaun explains the importance of this here. (80 minutes).

Fitness Guide: Is a comprehensive document that discusses the necessary information for this program.

Insanity Calendar: This calendar works great when you print it off and put it on the wall next to your workout area. You can mark it off every day to track your progress and motivate yourself.

Elite Nutrition Plan: The perfect nutrition plan to get you shredded as fast as possible.

Free Online Support Tools: You are probably going to have questions and the online support helps answer them. It also has an open forum style community of people to help motivate you.



The nutrition plan comes with Insanity is unbeatable. It is an easy to follow plan because every meal written step by step recipes.

The food actually tastes great and it is easy to prepare. It did not require me to purchase a bunch of food I normally don’t have in the cupboard. Each meal comes complete with an acceptable substitution list for each ingredient for the things you don’t like or for food allergies.

Also, the nutrition guide is not one of those other starve yourself programs. You will be eating a lot of food and you will consume 5-6 meals a day. The reasons for this are that your metabolism is running high all day and it feeds your calorie burning inferno of a body.

Another pro for me is the fact that you are doing these workouts from the comfort of your own home. This is great because if you think you look like a fool doing some of these complex moves then you will at least have no audience.


Okay guys and gals here is the low down on all of the supplements that I recommend. I am going to show all of you exactly what worked for me on my weight loss journey.

I am also, going to give a comprehensive review of each of the supplements that I recommend. I do not recommend supplements that are worthless. I only show you the ones that are what I call essential, especially with the intensity level of the Beach Body workout routines.

Insanity is a brutal workout and puts a strain on your body. These essential supplements are the root of your body’s proper nutritional needs.

Remember that these products are supplements only and should be used to make up the holes in our daily diet regimen. They are not recommended to replace regular diet.

Check out my supplement reviews on the right hand side of any page on my site.


I said I would discuss the Insanity Workout Program in its entirety so now let’s move on the negative aspects.

The first thing that stood out to me was the price. Most people look at the price and say it is a little too high. It may seem like that but, when we compare the quantity and quality versus the price it’s clear that the Insanity Program is a great buy.

I have personally spent hundreds of dollars on gym memberships and weight loss pills, and I never got the results that I paid for. I am certain that all of us have done the same as me at one time or another. When compared to that Insanity is a great investment.

Another negative aspect of the program is that Insanity is definitely not for everyone. It is full of high intensity and high impact workouts.

Consequently, this program needs to be done using some caution. Always start with the Fit Test first to assess your level of fitness. Also, if you are injured there are alternate versions of the exercises.

My First Workout

When I tore into my first workout I admit I was a little cocky. I didn’t think it was going to be as intense as it really is. I completely underestimated Insanity, but I learned very quickly how serious it really was.

I was in the Army for 6 years and I served 2 terms in Iraq. So, consequently I thought that I could handle Insanity with no problems. I was winded within 5 minutes and dripping sweat within 10 minutes.

I stayed in the fat burning cardio zone for the entire workout!

Becoming a Coach

Before Insanity

For me becoming a Beach Body Coach was a no brainer because I lost 36 lbs in 60 days. I decided to turn my success into a motivational story for everyone else who wants to do this program. Beach Body gives me the ultimate tool to do this.

I found out, after some research, that Beach Body sponsors people to be coaches. There is no better and more fulfilling way for me to get my story to you.

I am not here to brag about my success. I am just a regular guy who decided to commit to Insanity to get into the absolute best shape of my life.

I created this site to express my satisfaction with Insanity and hopefully give you the tools and information that you need to make the best decision of your life.

My best wishes and good luck to all!


Jessie Grigsby

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PSS- If you are already in amazing shape and think you are ready for the next level of Insanity then I recommend that you check out my Insanity Asylum Review. The mad scientists at Beach Body created a program for the elite athlete that is looking for the next challenge. Check it out if you are brave enough!

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