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Hello everyone, my name is Jessie Grigsby.

I built this site as a place for you to find an honest and valuable review of Insanity by BeachBody and Shaun T.

I want to be honest with everyone who visits my site and the best way to do that is to start by introducing myself.

I served in the Army for 6 years. While I was in I deployed to Iraq twice. I have survived all kinds of crazy triaging like the Army’s Airborne course.

So, it would have been a safe bet to say that I was still in shape after I got out right?

I wish that were true.

After I completed my 6 year enlistment I took a job as an Instructor teaching soldiers. The new job was not very physically demanding and I started to slowly gain weight.

Life lesson 101: I found it way to easy to forgo proper diet and exercise. I think everyone will agree with me that the world is too fast paced and there are too many negative alternatives.

About three years into this new instructor job and I had gained almost 40 lbs! Look below if you dare..

Before Insanity

I know it is hideous!

I started having low self-esteem and low confidence. I also came to a point where I would avoid looking at myself in the mirror.

It sounds a bit cliché but, I really did see Insanity on an infomercial on TV. I saw it as a challenge and I told myself, “If I could survive the Army, 2 tours to Iraq and Airborne Training then I could do Insanity”.

I found a website offering a good discount, just like this one, and I made the commitment. I see the price as a motivational tool to stay accountable to something you paid for.

It was extremely challenging! It pushed me in ways I never thought possible. Shaun T. Takes me back to my Army Boot Camp days with his motivational techniques.

Some of the greatest aspects of Insanity are that you are doing them at home and it requires no weights. So, if you mess up or look silly then you are your only critic.


In the picture above I am at 190 pounds and I have never been happier.

I have my self esteem and confidence back. I am looking forward to completing one more round of Insanity to hit my target weight.

I want everyone to see that I am living proof to the effectiveness of Insanity. I am also proof that if a normal guy like me can do this then any one can!

I would have to say the photos are pretty undeniable. You should all go get Insanity and let it work for you too.

Good luck in your fitness journey.