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Insanity Asylum Review

This page has been created to provide an unbiased and extensive Insanity Asylum Review for the analysis of thousands of fitness enthusiasts who haven’t made up their minds whether to buy this product or not.

The Insanity Asylum program builds off of the original Insanity’s ideas however; this program takes it to the next level of intensity.

Check out the crazy video below .

I told you there was a reason this program is called Insanity!!

Why buy Insanity Asylum:

First and foremost, one of the basic reasons why you should consider buying this product is that it allows you to build your body and improve your stamina in your free time.

Going to gym for daily workout is an alternative but then, distance time, and membership costs are major constraints.

Therefore, Insanity Asylum can be of incredible help since it provides you a chance to tone yourself up without relying on an expensive gym or its equipment and all from the comfort of your own home.

A comprehensive Insanity Asylum Review has been sketched below:

Within you order, you will receive a number of DVDs that will help you map out a fitness program and instruct you how to carry out your exercise regimen.

An in-depth explanation is given about the different workouts that you will need to perform routinely.

These DVDs will also enable you to chalk out a diet plan so as to supplement your body with all the essential nutrients which will enable you to make the physical changes happen faster.

For instance, if you are overweight, then you may be instructed cut out the food items that are high on carbohydrates, cholesterol or fat.

And if you are looking to build abs & chiseled muscles, then the DVD will recommend a protein-rich diet to enable mass-building in specific areas.

Who needs the Insanity Asylum program:

Whether you are a professional athlete, an office worker, or a middle-aged couch potato (man or woman), Insanity Asylum can help you lose weight, burn that unwanted fat and replace it with those chiseled features and increased fitness.

Overall, in your Insanity Asylum package (which you will receive through mail), you will get the following items:

Strength DVD

  1. Speed & Agility DVD
  2. Vertical Plyo DVD
  3. Relief DVD
  4. Back to Core DVD
  5. Game Day DVD
  6. Comprehensive Nutrition Guide
  7. Cross Training Calendar
  8. Guide playbook

Plus two free bonus gifts:

  1. Athletic Performance Assessment Tools
  2. 15 minute Over Time DVD.


Guaranteed result:

The program is result-oriented and you are bound to feel positive immediately after you start working out by the instructions.

If you follow the program step by step then you will see results. Also, since the DVDs and Shaun T. are highly motivational, it’s unlikely that you would disregard the instructions.

The testimonials written by thousands of users of this product further illustrate the genuineness of the product and its usefulness in helping people to get into a fit body.

Improves all levels of fitness:

Unlike a steroid that artificially pumps up muscles, this product works in a natural way. Hence, it would be apt to suggest here in this Insanity Asylum review that the product helps you improve all levels of your body & fitness.

After only 7-10 days, you will notice the following changes beginning within you: Increase in speed (you will be able to run or swim faster).

Increase in stamina (you will be able to run or work-out for a lengthier period of time without feeling tired), Increase in agility & flexibility (your body will not just become more agile but also more flexible).

Note: Increase in flexibility can be noticed in your improved agility during the exercise moves.

Increase in energy (you will feel hyperactive which will improve your productivity in various aspects of your daily life) Increase in power & strength (you will definitely feel a lot stronger only after a week’s strength training & cardio training.

Increase in mental focus (your brain will work vigorously and with greater sharpness).

Quicker results:

An unbiased Insanity Asylum review will always place this program on a higher pedestal than other workout programs.

Insanity Asylum, in comparison, is far superior because it provides quicker results. Instead of working out for moths to make a significant change in your appearance, Insanity Asylum asks you to stick it out for only 30 days.

With a balanced diet, strict regimen, top-class exercises and plenty of minor tips, suggestions & recommendations, the program enables you to transform your fitness level in only 30 days.

Focus on fitness:

Insanity Asylum specifically focuses on overall fitness level rather concentrating merely on body building.

You are not trying to become a Hulk Hogan, but are looking for something that will make you faster and more muscular & toned to increase your sex appeal.

Who doesn’t want to look sexier?

You will tone your arms, legs, abs, thighs, chest and even hips in the desired manner and feel a lot fitter & lighter.

Good price:

Another pro of the product is its cost which is fairly priced and quite lower than most other less-effective programs.

I would suggest that you do a comparison of your own and consider all that you will be receiving with Insanity Asylum to other programs out there.


Just like any program, there are some minor cons, such as, difficult maneuvers. For instance, you may struggle with the agility ladder workout since it’s a bit tricky.

But with regular practice and careful examination of videos (instructions are well explained and simple to understand), you will master the moves.

Concluding thoughts:

After an analysis of the Insanity Asylum review, one can conclude that, despite some of its minor shortcomings, the program is extremely effective.

It’s also well priced and you receive more than your money’s worth.

With simple & beneficial instructions, the program is instrumental in not merely giving you an enviable body but also in instilling discipline into your mundane routine. Insanity Asylum, undoubtedly, takes your body to the next level of fitness.

If you think you are ready then I suggest you click the order now button and get Insanity Asylum at a discount.

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