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P90X2 Review

After the huge success of the P90 and P90X fitness programs, Tony Horton came out with the third edition to his fitness programs.

The P90X2 is the most recent workout program that is a sequel to the P90X. This latest addition to the numerous diet and exercise programs has created a huge buzz among many people.

In fact, I was very eager to try this new program when I learned additional details about it. When Tony Horton created the P90X2, he wanted to challenge all participants to go past their limits and reach their goals.

I previously used the first P90X program to keep me in the best physical conditioning while I was deployed in Iraq.

So, the second version immediately grabbed my attention. Keep reading for an in depth P90X2 review.

Meet the Challenges:

If you wonder who should participate in the program, I would have to say that the determined ones are the best candidates.

Several people have said that the P90X2 is a demanding program. In a way, there is some truth in that because the diet and workout plan are challenging, yet very effective.

I also believe that all programs encourage participants to take on the challenges, so they can reap the great effects of their efforts.

The moves and routines in the P90X2 are not difficult to do; however, you need to consult your doctor before you try this fitness program.

In fact, it is mandatory in all workout programs to have a doctor’s consent. We may all have the same goal of losing weight and staying fit, but we have different body structures and health condition.

Just to be safe, I suggest that you get a recommendation from a doctor no matter what kind of diet or workout you plan to undertake.

What You Need:

When you plan to complete the P90X2 program, you are not required to invest in any expensive exercise machines.

You only need to use a few pieces of workout equipment that can help you reach the optimum results from this program.

Even at the comfort of your own home, you can achieve a fit and strong body. With the use of resistance bands, weights, and a chin-up bar, you can already perform the different routines in the P90X2.

You will have to use a few other items when you undertake the program, as the P90X2 aims to develop your balance.

You should include the following items for your workout routines:

– Stability ball (55 cm)
– Two pieces of 8-lb medicine balls
– Foam roller

You can purchase these three items with the ultimate and deluxe kits, or you can buy these separately from any gym equipment store.

Another great benefit of the P90X2 kits is that you can purchase the program at affordable rates.

You can choose from three types of kits such as the base ($119.85), deluxe ($239.70), and ultimate ($299.55).

Those who plan to purchase any of the programs can opt for a cash or installment basis.

Several items are included in the kits that you plan to purchase such as the introductory DVD, fitness and nutrition guide, 12 workout DVDs, and a workout calendar.

There are additional perks when you purchase the deluxe and ultimate kits. Aside from the usual inclusions, you can have the stability ball, medicine balls, and foam roller.

More About The Program:

The main goal of the P90X2 is to challenge participants to proceed to the next level after completion of the P90X fitness program.

Muscle confusion, a concept used in the P90X, is also included in
the P90X2.

This concept develops the muscle by allowing it to grow in a gradual and steady manner.

The workout activities challenge the muscles to push the limits and recuperate the following day while you focus on another set of muscles.

The varied activities in the fitness program also prevent you from being bored of undertaking the same routine each day.

Several other disciplines are improved in the P90X2 such as athleticism, balance, core, strength, and agility.

The workout program involves three phases – foundation, strength, and performance. Several activities are intended to be done for five days in a week.Each phase lasts for several weeks, which is about a maximum of 6 weeks.

Diet and Nutrition:

Since the workout routines are challenging, the right nutrition is necessary for participants to have a boost of energy and endurance. When you purchase the P90X2 workout kit, you can use the nutrition guide that is included in the package.

The guide contains 27 different diet plans including helpful guide for vegetarian, pescatarians, and many more. You are guaranteed to find the diet plan to fit your needs.

The common quality of all these diet plans is that there are no junk foods involved. Moreover, there are different suggestions for snacks and desserts that you will love.

Excellent Tips and Suggestions:

You are not required to accomplish the P90X before you proceed to undertake the P90X2.

However, I have found the effectiveness of preparing my body for intensive work out by starting with the P90X program.

If you plan to start with this latest fitness program, make sure that you condition your body. Do not perform intense activities when you know that your body is not ready for those.

Try to perfect a particular phase before you move on to the next, so you can avoid having injuries from overworking your muscles. After all, you have enough time to finish the program because it is home-based.

You should also do your best to follow the nutrition guide that is suitable to your health and activity level.

Keep in mind that you need proper nourishment, so you can sustain the energy and momentum necessary for all the workout activities.

Take On the Challenge:

The P90X2 is not like any other fitness programs out there. I attest to the effectiveness of the total workout that I have experienced with this 90-day program.

There are different kits that you can choose from when you are on a budget. No matter which package you try, you can expect to see results in a matter of weeks.

Just make sure that you adhere to the different diet, as well as the exercise schedules suggested in the kits.

Lastly, consult your health care provider, so you can be sure that you are ready to take on the challenges in this effective fitness program.


My conclusion is that the P90X2 product is another amazing program from the extensive Beach Body lineup.

I am a huge fan of all of the Beach Body programs because they produce quality programs that are extremely effective.

I can tell you that the original P90X program took my body to places that I never even thought were possible. I am certain that the P90X2 program will take me to the net level of fitness.

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